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A Voyage of Self Discovery

Welcome, I'm so glad you’ve made it to Love & Wellness Healing!. I believe that energy combined with Love is an optimal path to wellness and the lubricant to life. This is your first step to vastly improve your quality of life. My intention is to help you to connect with your heart and open your eyes to who you are. I look forward to sharing my gifts and serving you for the highest good of all. Browse below to learn more. 


Rediscover You!

Because you deserve it.

At Love & Wellness the main goal is to lead others down the long path of discovery that energy healing provides. Whether you want to practice mindfulness, do more self care, reach spiritual growth, or be more present, I know you’ll benefit from the practice. Love & Wellness is known for the expertise and commitment to each and every client, no matter where you are in your journey.  I welcome you and I am very pleased and looking forward to being a part of your journey to rediscovery. 

Something for Everyone

Life Coaching/ Spiritual counseling 

Go With the Flow

Ready to dive deep to get to the root of your blockages today? This session will help you to uncover the core issues stopping you from being where you want to be in life.  If you are ready to breakdown those walls blocking you from your greatness, or just need some guidance along the way. This is the one for you!


Reiki Healing 

Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit

Relax, Rejuvenate and Recharge. Reiki Healing is a great way to dive into your wellness journey. It starts with getting into your heart space and being open to recieve universal healing energy. Through this session you will discover a whole new world that energy healing has to offer.


Chakra Balancing 

Energy Clearing 

This is our most popular sessions, and offers cord cutting and the removal of anything that does not serve you for the highest good. Balancing and stabilizing your chakras into alignment. Replenishing and replacing with devine love and light. 


Group Healing 


Whether you are a couple, a business, family, or friends and would like to share the experience together on your healing journey. Group healings are a great way to connect with others and lift the vibrations of plannet. It is for every and anyone. As we heal ourselves, we heal each other and we heal the world.


Sacred Geometry Healing 

Exceeding Expectations

Energy Healing using Sacred Geometry for removal of entities, clearing the karmic grid, timeline release, rainbow healing for removal of illnesses in the body, clearing distortions in all times and space. Clearing and removal of all that does not serve  you for the highest good of all. 


Not sure which is the right one for you? Contact Us by submitting your message below and someone will get in touch to answer all of your questions. 

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